Hey Family -  

It’s time for a BIG change!  Ready for it?  Potluck.  Alright, so not a big change, but the small yet powerful act of eating together and having the time for prayer, discussion, and discernment.  We have a meal every Sunday after worship, but I’d love to get together in a home and have a time that is more focused, as well as open to being unfocused or redirected by the Spirit.  I’m willing to host, and am open to others hosting if anyone is interested in the future.

I’m aware that August can be a busy month but we’ll try to find a time that works for most people.  We’ll gather and eat between 6-7pm, people coming as they are able, and then we’ll have more directed time between 7-830pm.  I’ll provide the main dish, feel free to bring a side or just yourself.  I’d like to start doing this monthly. 

So please reply to this Poll (or simply reply to this email if that’s easier for you).

Some possible dates:

Thurs, August 7

Sat, August 24

Sun, August 25



Pastor Jordan 

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This Sunday’s Gospel reading is Luke 11:1-13, Jesus teaches on prayer.