Hey Friends,

As we continue to learn how we can be the hands and feet of Jesus in our neighborhood, a simple way to help our neighbors on the street is to carry cold bottles of water to hand out. They are appreciated as the weather warms up and who knows, you may just hear an amazing story, meet a new friend, or simply put a smile on someone’s face for the day.  Random acts of kindness wasn’t some slick feel good campaign that was dreamt up to help calm chaos in the world, Jesus was doing it long before it became a “thing”.   Let’s continue his work.                                           

If you haven’t replied to Jordan’s poll yet about possible dates for a potluck, it’s not too late.  
So please reply to this Poll (or simply reply to this email if that’s easier for you).
Some possible dates:
Thurs, August 7
Sat, August 24
Sun August 25 

This Sunday’s Gospel reading is Luke 12:13-21 Treasurers, greed, and death. Take a look at the reading for Sunday and bring your thoughts to discuss.


Lay Pastor Kathy