Hey Friends --

These are such contentious, divisive times.  The inhumanity I see to human beings, the demonizing of the different other truly grieves my soul, and is so contrary to the way of Jesus.  Seeing Americans at a political rally chant “Send her back!” seems a political stunt at “best”, patently un-American, and racist and sinful at worst.  It is lightyears from the upside-down kin-dom of God.

I came across a line in a book I’ve been reading (People of the Way, by Dwight Zscheile) and I find myself turning it into a prayer, and praying it over and over again these days. Maybe you might want to join in, too:

Lord, help us to more deeply “inhabit the imagination of God’s reign,
where the status quo is inverted,
where God comes to dwell in the womb of a pregnant teenager in a poor family in a lost
corner of the empire,
where what seemed least significant bears the greatest fruit…”


Check out the text for this Sunday from Luke 10:38-42…another pretty familiar one featuring multitasking (“many things”) Martha getting ready for a dinner party, and single-minded (“one thing”) Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet.   I don’t know about you, but I think I see a little bit of both of  them in me…     What “many things” do you find most diverting your focus? How do you spend time sitting at Jesus feet?  (One hint: hope to see you in worship!)

Grace and peace!

Pastor Heidi