Hey Family -

I’m excited to join you on the journey you’re already on!  I’m not new to the Way of Jesus, but I am new to this community and how you all practice and live out your faith.  So as I’m getting my feet under me, learning the terrain, I’d love to go on a walk with you.  And as we walk as a community I’m hoping some of the way the Spirit is leading will be made clear.  I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Heidi quote that phrase “salvitur ambulando,” “it is solved by walking,” and I think there’s a lot of truth in that.  Let’s keep walking, keeping inquiring, keep seeking where Jesus is meeting and leading us, and I hope that in midst of all that we’ll find that we’re exactly where the Spirit wants us to be. 

So nuts and bolts, within the next month I’d like to meet with anyone who is active in our community and would like to be a part of where God is leading us.  First I’d like to get to know you better, and second, I’ll be asking you how you understand this community and its calling, and your inklings on how you’d like to participate in that calling.  I’d love it if after reading this you emailed, called, or texted some times that you’re available and a place to meet.  I’m up for coming to your work for lunch, walking your neighborhood, having you over to my place, or something else, I’m currently pretty flexible.  You can reach me at ju@spu.edu or 425-272-5441.


Pastor Jordan 

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This Sunday our Gospel reading is from Luke 9:51-62, in which Jesus begins his journey towards Jerusalem and the cross and he makes it clear to those wanting to follow that the way won’t be a cake walk.

path by Eddi (CC BY 2.0)

path by Eddi (CC BY 2.0)