Hello Everyone -

In our Congregational Conversations after worship recently we’ve been talking a lot about upcoming transitions at First Presbyterian Church of Seattle – including the sale of the church property, discerning a fresh expression of church, adjusting my job description this Fall (to do research on ministry best practices of thriving Presbyterian churches), hiring a Transitional Associate Pastor this summer, and my eventual retirement a year from now.  Whew!

So I am happy to share with you that we’ve found the Transitional Associate Pastor we’ve been searching for – just around the corner…  Jordan Uomoto, a recently ordained Presbyterian pastor, lives just over a mile from the church! (You may recall Jordan preached with us on March 10 this year).

I want you to hear how Jordan describes himself: 


“I’m ten-toes deep in Seattle, fourth generation in the Central District on my father’s side.  I went to Garfield High School, where I met my wife during a spring musical.  I studied theology at Seattle Pacific University and received my MDiv from Seattle Pacific Seminary.  After graduating I served as the Interim Pastor at Japanese Baptist Church, and then at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church doing Faith Formation.  My wife, Grace, and I have a 6-year-old son and baby girl.  I love poetry and words, whether that’s reading, writing, or rhyming.  If my health allowed it, I would bboy (breakdance) the rest of my life.  Dancing and movement are such a joy!  I’m passionate about preaching, and love it when the Gospel is really understood as good news!  And I want each member of the Church to experience that they have a purpose and place in Christ’s body, that each one brings something to Jesus’ table.”

One of the things I love most about Jordan is that during his growing up years his parents ministered to refugees – which gave him a heart for the outsider and the other. What came through our interviews with him was his desire to make his life be all about the question, “What would make the Gospel truly good news to my neighbors and peers?” and his deep desire to participate in what God is doing here to bring God’s kin-dom.

So, Jordan will be with us in worship beginning this Sunday, and I hope you can be here to meet him!Plan on sticking around a little longer after worship – for lunch, and then we’ll take a few extra minutes to do a shorter Congregational Conversation when we’ll ask Jordan a few questions and begin to get to know him better.

*          *          *          *

The lectionary designates this Sunday as Trinity Sunday. For a lot of folks the Trinity is just too difficult to swallow, prompting one Presbyterian to claim, “The Trinity has got to go! It’s outdated and patriarchal and I have no use for it!”  We’ll dive into John 14:12-15 this Sunday (the whole Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit is there) – and I think you’ll see that this text is helpful!  I hope you’ll get a chance to read it through a few times before Sunday and pay attention to see if anything kind of taps you on the shoulder…

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi