Hey Everyone -

Just a quick reminder that we’ll have another Congregational Conversation this Sunday after worship-lunch (we’ll be done by 1pm). This week we’ll have a conversation about church property and buildings – including an update on the sale of First Pres., as well as a quick history of FPCS (this is not the first time the church has sold/moved). We’ll also explore what the Bible has to say about sacred land/property/buildings, and share about our own personal experience of church buildings, too.


This Sunday is the 7th (and last) Sunday of Easter – and the sermon text is John 17:20-26. It’s still the last night of Jesus’ life, and we’re still in that long section scholars call the Final Discourse; but notice that Jesus switches from talking to praying.  If you get a chance to read through it a few times before Sunday, notice what Jesus prays for... 

See you Sunday!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi