Hello Friends –

This Sunday is Palm Sunday – the beginning of Holy Week.

I hope you’ll take a few moments to read through the text in Luke 19:28-40. What do you notice?  What does it stir up in you?  What are your questions? Where do you see yourself in the text?


At the end of Palm Sunday service we’ll begin to transition into the Passion of Jesus…

I also want to invite you to be participate in a Good Friday worship service that I am going to be part of this year – over at Plymouth Church, 1217 6th Avenue (just a couple blocks away from First Pres.), at noon:


And then we’ll gather in the Chapel to celebrate Easter on April 21, 10:30 am.  Maybe give some thought to inviting somebody from your family, or a friend or neighbor...someone who’s searching, who needs to know God’s not dead, and abundant love and life transforming power exists.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi