Hey Friends!

The 40 day season of Lent has begun.  It’s a time of preparation, of repentance, of turning to God.  People often give up something for Lent – chocolate, Facebook, wine…church (just kidding).  Someone suggested just giving up for Lent! That might actually get closer to the whole point – to give up ourselves more fully to God. These coming weeks can be a time of taking spiritual inventory; or, something like a spiritual spring cleaning - giving us not only a heightened awareness of our human frailty and sin but making us more receptive to the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection and the gift of God’s grace as we approach Easter.


The sermon text this Sunday is Luke 4:1-13 – Jesus temptation in the wilderness – which is a powerful way to begin our Lenten journey together. Jesus was tempted – not unlike us.  Take a look at the text and see what taps you on the shoulder, or maybe notice what you’ve never seen before, or even what kind of bothers you – and we’ll share in a sermon conversation together on Sunday.


And whoops – I almost forgot – Daylight Saving Time is this Sunday!  So remember to Spring Forward one hour on Saturday night!


One last thing: FPCS has the great privilege of hosting the NEXT Church Conference this week, a national gathering of mostly Presbyterians. We’ve got some 600 or so pastors, leaders and congregational folks coming in from all over the country to hear speakers and participate in workshops – all interested in trying to figure out how to do church for today and tomorrow.  Right up our alley, huh?!

NEXT Church 2019.jpg

Look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi