Hello Friends -

My “grateful meter” has been up there a bit these days – for the sunshine we’ve been having (yes, even though I know the rain will return).  The warm weather even spurred some long overdue window washing around the Armstrong house!    

I was also really grateful for the Holy Spirit-ish time of worship at FPCS last Sunday – as we reflected on Jesus’ lament over Jerusalem, his desire to gather God’s people like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and how that text connected with the shootings in the Muslim mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.  We actually had a majority of people of color in the congregation last Sunday (outnumbering white people), and folks coming from a variety of socio-economic places, which made our preaching together particularly rich.  Once again I had the sense that we are a sneak preview of the kin-dom of God, and a truly blessed congregation.


So I’ll be honest: I had to read the sermon text for this Sunday from Luke 13:1-9 (a conversation between Jesus and some bystanders) about a gazillion times before anything started making sense! In other words, nothing was really grabbing me…but eventually the penny kind of dropped! There is some really good stuff here – about why people suffer (you might be surprised at Jesus’ answer)…and about repentance (it’s not just feeling bad about yourself).

I hope you’ll get a chance to read it through before Sunday a few times, notice your questions – and I look forward to sharing in a sermon conversation together.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi