Hello Friends!

I made it to Portland last Monday to help lead the Transitional Ministry Workshops for four days (assisting Scott Lumsden and Eliana Maxim from Seattle Presbytery). Rick stayed home and endured 30 hours without electricity (thankfully we have a generator), as well as digging our little Scion xB out of the snow, and putting on chains and driving on snow and ice multiple times. I was grateful to come back to cleared roads, though our driveway is still a pretty icy, snowy mess!

But the downtown Seattle streets, and the church parking lot and sidewalks are clear, and there is no snow in the forecast this weekend, so we are good to go for worship this Sunday! 


The sermon text for this Sunday – Luke 6:17-26 – is usually called the Sermon on the Plain.  Take a close look, and maybe compare it to what you remember about Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount.  Give some thought to the differences, and maybe ponder what you think Luke is up to here…  


Also, I hope you will be able to stick around as we continue our little experiment in lament this Sunday.  After lunch, a little after noon or so, we’ll gather around and spend 60 minutes taking a look at and talking about lament – a type of biblical literature and practice that helped sustain God’s people in times of crisis, chaos and challenge.  Perhaps God will use it to sustain us, too!

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi

“Jesus looked up at his disciples” Lk 6:20  “Fixed his gaze on them” (says another translation)

“Jesus looked up at his disciples” Lk 6:20

“Fixed his gaze on them” (says another translation)