Hello friends –

Last Sunday we read Jesus’ first sermon – some call it the “Nazareth Manifesto” – in Luke’s Gospel.  Jesus’ home town crowd seemed pretty receptive to he had to say, at least initially – but as we’ll see this week, minutes  later they were incensed, to the point of running Jesus out of town. They were ready to throw him off a cliff!  Holy cow – was the sermon really that bad?  An epic fail?  Check out the text in Luke 4:21-30 and let’s talk about what in the world happened…and maybe continues to happen today.


Also, remember you are invited to stick around after lunch to be a part of a project I am undertaking in conjunction with my latest Pittsburgh Seminary class.  Beginning this Sunday I will be doing a little 3 week experiment around the bibilical literature and practice of lament… (It’ll only take about 45 minutes or so.)

One reason I want to do this is because a little over three years ago the congregation experienced a painful split and now we are facing the sale of the property. And although this change is in many ways good news, even still it’s a huge decision, and it may be accompanied by feelings of loss and grief. Change often is.  Letting go can be difficult. Especially when we don’t know exactly where we are going or what the future looks like!

That’s where the biblical literature and practice of lament comes in: The Bible is filled with examples of God’s people in the midst of a crisis of chaos telling the truth about their situation to God. They didn’t bury their feelings or act like it was no big deal.  They didn’t put a smiley face on it.  They cried out to God.  They let God have it!  Ultimately, lament helped them get to a place of deeper trust in God.  

I think it could be a helpful practice for us, too.

Hope to see you Sunday! 

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi