Dear Friends –

Ok, permit me a little braggy moment here:  I just got back from spending a little over 48 hours in Chicago – basking in the brilliance of my goddaughter, Lanise, an actor featured in the play “Familiar” at the Steppenwolf Theater.  The play had us busting up in side-splitting laughter one minute, and bawling our eyes out the next.  It’s about a family that emigrates from Zimbabwe (back when it was called Rhodesia) to America, and raising two daughters in Minneapolis, and the tensions that grow between wanting to maintain and losing one’s cultural heritage.  It draws out issues of racial identity, adoption, marriage, religious differences, and well, family.  And it’s familiar!  There’s my god-kid on stage, herself adopted from Haiti, living it out loud for all to see.  I was challenged, encouraged, humbled, and couldn’t be prouder to be shaped by knowing her and experiencing her gifts! 

Pastor Heidi, goddaughter Lanise, Lanise’s Mom Karla

Pastor Heidi, goddaughter Lanise, Lanise’s Mom Karla


The sermon text this Sunday is the story of Jesus’ baptism from Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 which the Lectionary revisits this time every year (from one of the gospels).  Read it through a couple times – listen with your heart – notice what touches you…  Maybe ponder a bit: Why was Jesus “who knew no sin” even baptized?  Do you remember anything about your baptism? If not, what does it mean for you to say, “I am baptized?”

Hope to see you in worship!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi