Dear Friends –

I hope you are all finding ways to enjoy this summer. I heard a report that Seattle is the most under-air-conditioned major city in the country, so staying cool can be a challenge. I can picture the five thousand plus people, who are in the passage this week that came to see Jesus, were probably really hot with that many people all crowded together. Even with the grassy field, it was still probably not comfortable. I have trouble imagining why they would stay. Conversations this week helped affirm the reason they chose to stay. Hope. Jesus brought hope to the many then as he brings hope to us today. I heard it this week through friends who are struggling with family issues, I heard from folks in the shelter who are working toward a more stable life, I heard it through strangers just needing to share with someone. Jesus gives us hope. Don’t’ be afraid to share that with someone, because we all need a little assurance that things will be alright.

Sunday, Pastor Ed Park joins us again to lead us through John 6:1-21. Jesus tells his disciples to feed the five thousand plus he walks on water!  Take a look at this story with new eyes.

Hope to see you in worship!


Lay Pastor Kathy

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