Dear Friends –

God brings us into relationship with others at the right time for His purpose. As I looked round the congregation last Sunday, I realized the larger impact that the Compass shelter in the basement had on our church. We needed the shelter as much as they needed us. There were 7 current or former guests from the shelter, some new to us and some who have come to think of First Pres as their community. The Sister Sledge song, “We are Family” came to mind; all our brothers and sisters in Christ coming together to worship, to connect, to be reminded that God loves us and we are not alone. I encourage you this Sunday to meet someone new, whether they are a guest in the shelter or just someone coming in off the street. Listen to their stories; they are full of the grace and mercy of God. And if you’d like to join us for Bible study on Wednesdays at the shelter, you’ll learn our stories are not that different.

Screenshot 2018-07-12 15.07.44.png

While Pastor Heidi is away this summer, we have several other pastors filling in for the sermon time together. This Sunday Pastor Ed Park from Sanctuary Church will be leading us through Mark 6:14-29. Promises, regret, and John the Baptist’s head on a plate. If reading scripture seems a little boring at times, take a look at this one and you might be changing your mind.

Hope to see you in worship!


Lay Pastor Kathy