Hey Everyone  –

I’m still in Pennsylvania for the Church Planting and Revitalization Initiative I started this week at Pittsburg Theological Seminary.  I catch a flight home Saturday evening, and will see you all on Sunday, perhaps a bit bleary-eyed, but so grateful for the things I am learning – not the least of which is there is no quick fix for church decline; there is no silver bullet to renew a congregation. We can only seek God, listen for and discern God’s direction, trusting God together.

I wanted to make sure to send you the sermon text for Sunday – Mark 3:20-35 – where everybody thinks Jesus is going bonkers, even his own family – which actually causes Jesus to take the bold step of redefining family.  I wonder what you think about that?  Check it out!

Hope to see you Sunday!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi