Dear Friends  –

As I picked up the email list to make sure everyone was added, it struck me again how diverse our congregation is. This one sheet of paper tells a story of who God has brought together for His purpose. Over the next few weeks I want to share that story with you.

The first person on the list signed their name and then put down a number, no email address. The number was not a phone number, but just to my eyes, a random number. That got me thinking. Does this visitor think of himself as just a number in a system? Was he so used to just being a number, that he automatically just adds it to his name? I remember this man engaged in worship. He stayed not just for the meal, but for the fellowship; not sitting by himself for lunch, but at a table of new friends, sharing his story and listening to others.  I pray that as he left he felt more than a number at First Pres.

I see this happening every Sunday. People reaching out to each other, whether they are known to them or not. Lifting each other up, listening to each other’s stories, connecting to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. Reminding us all that we are more than a number.

While Pastor Heidi is away this summer, we will be having a variety of other pastors filling in for the sermon time together. Most of them you will know as they have joined us before. This Sunday Rev. Eliana Maxim will be leading us through Mark 5:21-43 – two stories about healing, a woman and a little girl, one very public and one in private. Take a look.

Hope to see you in worship!


Lay Pastor Kathy

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