Dear Friends, 

I am scrambling to get ready to take off on vacation which begins right after worship this Sunday.  I just keep chipping away at my to do list:

o   get preachers for the Sundays I’m gone (hoo boy – we’ve got a great line up! And Jana and Kathy will be here every Sunday holding done the fort while I’m gone!);
o   write a bunch of papers and posts in online discussion forums, and participate in a Zoom call – all for my first “Church Planting & Revitalization” intensive;
o   pack all our gear and provision the Willie C (our old 25’ troller boat; think tiny home on steroids) for the 120 miles (as the crow flies) up to Desolation Sound, British Columbia – which is still wilderness (don’t forget the bear spray!)  
o   and, clean the house because people will be coming to stay in it while we are away!

As Rick and I prepare for this voyage I had to laugh when I first saw that our sermon text for Sunday is Mark 4:35-41 – where Jesus hops in a boat with the disciples and the mother of all  storms whips up, scaring the living daylights out of the twelve (at least 4 of whom are seasoned sailors).  So what do they do?  And what does Jesus do? 

And, have you ever felt like you were about to go under?  So, what do we do?  Let’s talk about it this week together.  And maybe pray for smooth sailing? :)

Hope to see you in worship!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi