Hello Sisters and Brothers  –

This eNews is coming a little early this week due to a change in staff schedules:  EJ Lee, Director of Operations in the Presbytery office, faithfully sends out the eNews every week, and she is headed to St. Louis tomorrow to help support our Presbytery Associate Executive, Eliana Maxim, who is standing for Co-Moderator of our General Assembly – which is a pretty big deal!  (We’ve been blessed to have Eliana preach a couple times in the past at First Presbyterian, and we’re delighted she will do so again on July 1). The General Assembly votes to elect new Co-Moderators this Saturday night.  Go Eliana!

Also, the sermon text for Sunday is Mark 4:26-34.  In Mark 4 Jesus is speaking in parables about the Kingdom (Kin-dom) of God.  Parables are pithy, super short stories…  Jesus says the Kin-dom of God is like a seed that grows all on its own…  Or, the Kin-dom of God is like a mustard seed, the smallest of seeds that grows into a massive bush…  Pretty simple stuff, right?  So I wonder then why did Jesus have to “explain everything in private to his disciples” (verse 34)?!   

I imagine this Sunday we’ll be scratching our heads a bit together and wondering about what the heck Jesus is trying to tell us about the reign of God! 

Hope to see you in worship!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi