Dear Friends in Christ –         

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”

That’s straight from our sermon text this Sunday – John 15:9-17 – if you want to give it a slow read.

In A Book of Uncommon Prayer (my favorite book of prayers), author Brian Doyle writes,

“Granted, it’s a tough assignment, the original assignment…   Love – Lord help us, could we not have been assigned something easier, like astrophysics or quantum mechanics?  But no – love those you cannot love… the blowhard, the pompous ass, the arrogant liar.  Find Christ in each heart, even those.”

And how does that even sit with you – a command to love? Can you make people love?   Especially as Jesus loved? I mean the bar is set pretty high, no?

I think this would all feel very heavy and burdensome, except the text is loaded with all kinds of good news, as well – though not always easy for us to detect.  Still, it’s kind of like Jesus works overtime here not only to help us take the command to love seriously, but also to help us not freak out, too…  I absolutely love some of the good news images and words of assurance in our text this week.  Come and let’s dig around together – I think you’ll love them, too! 


Here’s a quick update about the FPCS Litigation:  We received word this week that the Washington State Supreme Court has declined to hear the court case appeal, deciding instead to transfer it to Division I of the State Court of Appeals – which must uphold the Rohrbaugh decision/precedent (as the King County Superior Court decisions have already done). We will know more about the court timeline in coming weeks.

Be the church!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi