Hello Friends  –

Last Sunday on Pentecost we celebrated the gift of the Holy Spirit – the Advocate who comes to both comfort us and make us uncomfortable.  Pentecost is revolutionary; it brings a great equalizing. The Spirit is still at work in the church and world, breaking down barriers, forming a new multi-cultural community.  

Next up the Lectionary dubs this Sunday Trinity Sunday.  And one of my favorite preachers/Bible commentators, David Lose, cautions, “Don’t even mention it, him, her, they (proper noun, please?)”

Oops, I already did.

So why not preach on the Trinity this Sunday?  Lose says, “Because it’s a doctrine”… and “a confusing doctrine…” at that!  For many people it has become “little more than a formula” that doesn’t really mean anything.  The problem is, when we describe God formulaically, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it gets so confusing or clinical sounding that what we often lose sight of is…the loving God of the Bible!

Interestingly, the very thing the Lectionary seems to want to help us remember this week is…the loving God of the Bible!  Read through the sermon text from John 3:1-17 a couple times. We’ll meet a guy named Nicodemus, who has some questions for Jesus. Notice how the ensuing conversation gets a little confusing.  But also notice we end up with probably the most famous verse in the whole Bible – John 3:16 – “God so loved the world…”  Yep, we’ll end up with love.

If we do end up preaching on the mystery of the Trinity on Sunday, maybe we can try to do it in terms of love…

Hope to see you Sunday!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi