Hello friends!

Don’t forget -- THIS FRIDAY MARCH 16TH 7PM -- PIE & GAME NIGHT -- in the Whitworth Room.

The invitation has gone out to Compass shelter guests, our friends at Sanctuary Church, and through Alex Hudson, the First Hill Neighborhood…so feel free to bring a friend! 

Come enjoy some time hanging out together – we’ve got board games, and Linda’s homemade berry pies! We’ll have some gluten free and vegan options, too J 

Free street parking is available after 6pm.  Please enter the church building through the 8th Ave entrance. Questions? Contact Kathy Smith at kathy@firstpres.org



The SERMON TEXT for this week is John 12:20-33, which begins with a few Greeks (read “outsiders”) saying, “We wish to see Jesus.” While it’s not evident they ever do get to SEE Jesus, what is evident is this is pretty much the last time Jesus speaks publically in John’s gospel (he’ll have much more to say privately to the disciples) – and there are some things that Jesus wants to make very clear about himself to all.  I hope you get a chance to read through the text a few times, and then let’s be all eyes and ears as we come together on Sunday…

And I want to add a quick word of thanks to J.P. Kang and Kathy Smith for covering for me last Sunday while I was away helping co-lead the Transitional Ministry Workshop with Scott Lumsden and Eliana Maxim in Portland, OR.  During the week we had the privilege of guiding 54 pastors who are pondering (or up to their eyeballs in) the mysteries of interim and transitional ministry, and on the weekend I took a little time to recover.  And although Rick and I sat in another Presbyterian congregation on Sunday morning, I must say, I am totally spoiled by the way we preach together at FPCS – and I missed it at can’t wait to be back!


And may I just add a quick personal note – today would’ve been my dad’s 86th birthday. You may remember I was 14 when he died (he was only 37) – and it was the loss of my Dad that drew me to faith in the first place.  People look at this picture of him below (an able-bodied seaman in the Merchant Marine) and tell me I have his eyes…  I hope I have his adventurous spirit and kind heart, too. 

Join me in trusting him, and all whom we love, to God’s mercy and grace in Jesus Christ – this day, and always,

Pastor Heidi

My Dad, Don Husted

My Dad, Don Husted