Hello Friends –

Of all the Advent texts, Luke 3:7-18 on the Third Sunday of Advent is probably the most jarring, with John the Baptizer announcing to the crowds who came out to him in the desert: “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?”  (Um, you did?!)  If I preached like that, I’d probably get fired, or the congregation would vanish.  But instead of being offended or scared off and running for cover, John’s crowd is fully engaged.  When John exhorts them, “Bear fruits worthy of repentance,” they respond with an eagerness that is every preacher’s dream, asking him, “What then should we do?”

You might be a little surprised at the way John answers that question.

Check it out and we’ll talk about it together this Sunday.

Hope to see you in worship.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi