Dear Friends –

Just a couple things real quick –

We’re having a new members class this Sunday right after lunch – 12:30-2pm – if you want to join FPCS, or want to explore what that even means, or if you’re already a member and need a refresher :).  Join Kathy, J.P. Kang and me for a scintillating look into Presby life!


And another heads up – Advent begins this Sunday with another one of those “is the Bible trying to scare the living daylights outta me?” apocalyptic texts – this one from Luke 21:25-36.  Except remember what I said a few weeks ago about apocalpytic? (Nope?!) Well, it’s packed full of so much good news and hope! Really.  So c’mon and join us, and let’s get our (“Second”) Advent (=Coming) on!

Hope to see you in worship!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi