Hello Everyone  –

There have been some questions about why the First Presbyterian Church Administrative Commission/Session is proceeding with the sale of the church property, so I wanted to make sure you are of aware of this document: FPCS AC/Session Frequently Asked Questions, October 10, 2018

Please note that although the plan is to sell the property (although there is not a done deal yet), the FPCS AC/Session does not have a plan to close the congregation. 

If after reading the FAQ you find you still have lingering questions, please reach out to Kathy Smith or me – we are happy to talk further with you. 


As part of a small project I am doing for my Pittsburgh Seminary course in Church Planting and Revitalization, a few of us have been spending a little more time in conversation with a few people in our congregation who are in the Compass Shelter downstairs, or others who have experienced homelessness.  These conversations have been so rich; it is such a gift to listen to what our friends have to share.  It just reminds me once again the importance of slowing down and being with people, of stopping long enough just to listen, and how that honors the humanity of another person.  I hope you can figure out how to enter into this practice, too, because YOU will be blessed!


So, we’ve got another challenging text this week – Mark 10:17-31 – where Jesus starts messing with one of our most sacred cows: money!  It’s pretty wild – but Jesus is concerned that a rich guy’s got a deficit!  This Sunday we’ll be wrestling again with what it means to follow Jesus in this kind of crazy, upside down kin-dom of God life.

Hope to see you in worship!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi