Hey everyone!

Just touching bases real quick before Sunday…

I’m wondering what feelings or reactions the word “authority”conjurs up for you?  Is it a good thing?  Bad thing?  A good experience for you? Negative experience  for you?  Who has authority?  Parents, teachers, police, and um, maybe pastors? Who else?  Anybody ever slap a bumper sticker on their car that said “Question Authority”?  What makes authority…authoritarian?

I’m asking because our text on Sunday is Mark 1:21-28, which says regular folks were impressed with Jesus because he taught as “one having authority” – not like the scribes, who were the ones who had, well, authority!  So, what made Jesus different?

Just something to be thinking about…




Also, just a heads up – the ferry schedule has changed, so I don’t have to skedaddle quite so quickly after lunch on Sundays.  So on Sunday morning plan on sticking around a little longer if you’d like and let’s hang out and chat.  I look forward to visiting a bit more with you all!


Oh, and one last thing – Kathy Smith, member of the Administrative Commission and Clerk of Session was approved by Seattle Presbytery to serve as a Commissioned Ruling Elder at First Presbyterian Seattle – meaning she will keep doing ALL the awesome things she’s been doing at FPCS, plus now she can partcipate in the sacraments (communion and baptism) if we ever need her to. Kathy is a kind and faithful soul, with a generous heart, and we are blessed to have her be a part the beloved community here.

Be the church!

Pastor Heidi