Dear Friends in Christ –

People from the church – and the larger neighborhood - keep asking me, “How can we help with the new 24/7 “Compass at First Presbyterian” Shelter?”  At this point, as the Shelter ramps up with new guests arriving every day, they have several immediate needs that we can all help with, including:

     --Twin bed sheets, both flat and fitted, any color

     --Blankets and quilts

     --Bath Towels


So spread the word!  Any of the Compass at First Presbyterian staff can provide a donor receipt to donors. Just stop by the entrance to the Shelter on Spring Street (below the Chapel entrance, down the ramp). Thank you!


This week’s sermon text, Matthew 18:15-20, includes instructions for dealing with church conflict.  Jesus is aware of a few things from the get-go: that life together wouldn’t be easy; and that while reconciliation is to be pursued, apparently it isn’t always possible. The passage actually culminates in one of my favorite verses of all time, when Jesus says, 20For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”  It’s a promise, you can count on it, and I think it’s important not to forget the context in which these words are spoken…

See you Sunday!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi