Ahoy Sisters and Brothers –

Rick and I have just returned from a week of vacation – a maiden voyage on our 25’ Swedish made 36 horse-power troller boat, putt-putting out of Hood Canal and all the way up to Bellingham at 6 knots.  Except for the pea-soup fog out of Port Ludlow (we don’t have radar), the little “small craft advisory” we ran into outside of La Conner (let’s see, were those winds 10 mph or 25 mph?!?!), heading south out of Bellingham Bay into 16mph winds, and eventually rounding Foulweather Bluff as it more than lived up to its name (were those waves 4’ or 6’?), everything went just fine!  The Volvo MD-17 diesel engine that Rick rebuilt last winter ran flawlessly.  I love that we burned only a little over a ½  gallon of fuel an hour.  Yeehaw! 

I suspect a sermon illustration or two will come of it.  But as I keep telling people, “Nobody died, and we are still married!” And we had a blast.  But it’s good to be back on terra firma, for a while anyway!

~                ~                ~                ~                ~

So, we’ve got a super familiar text for this Sunday – Matthew 14:13-21 (the feeding of the 5,000). My advice? Try to forget everything you’ve heard and think you know, and read it with new eyes!  We’ll also be celebrating the Lord’s Supper this Sunday, too.

~                ~                ~                ~                ~

I also want to get the info below in front of you…  I’m hoping as many of us as possible from First Pres. can go together.  The church can help cover the cost, just let me or Kathy Smith know.  So please make every effort to save the date on your calendar!

Many blessings, friends – hope to see you Sunday!

Pastor Heidi


Seattle Presbytery/  Saturday, September 23, 9-4   /  at First Presbyterian Church Seattle

Racism dehumanizes us all —
Dismantling racism heals us all.

Recognizing that racism goes beyond personal prejudice, Crossroads offers a distinctive power analysis of how racism functions in institutions, and offers tools to create antiracist transformation.

Led by nationally recognized leaders with experience training church leaders, this event is open to all our churches.

MORE INFO:  http://seattlepresbytery.org/events/2017/923-crossroads-anti-racism-training

You can:
-- register yourself at the link above, and let us know you are planning to attend.
--let us know you want to attend (sign list on Sunday morning), and we will register you.