Hello Brothers and Sisters –

In our text for Sunday – Matthew 14:22-33 – Jesus needs a break, so he sends the disciples along by themselves to cross Lake Galilee, which sometimes acts more like a sea when a storm kicks up, which is precisely what happens. No problem – there are seasoned fishermen on board.

In the early dawn Jesus comes to them, walking on the water.  And it’s kind of funny, because THAT’S when the disciples have a heart attack! Not in the 10’ seas.  No, Jesus scares the living daylights out of them.  They think: “It’s a ghost!”  Yeh, the guy who just fed 5000+ people.

Only Matthew’s version includes Peter’s request to join Jesus on water.  Apparently with the storm still raging.

I was in a boat on some very rough water recently.  I have one question.  Is Peter nuts?  WHY GET OUT OF THE BOAT?????  That’s the LAST thing I would want to do.

I have been thinking a lot about this.

To my mind, there’s one good thing about getting out of the boat.  It has to do with sinking. 

And there’s one good thing about sinking.

Let’s talk about it on Sunday…

Grace and peace!

Pastor Heidi 

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