Dear Friends –

We’ve got a houseful of people out here already for the 4th, so I’ll keep this short…

·       sermon text for tomorrow is only three verses, but some good stuff!  Check it out – Matthew 10:40-42 – and bring your questions & insights to share.

·       stick around for lunch after worship this Sunday…and a teeny bit longer if you can for a little bit more cleaning out in the basement.  It should go quickly.  (FYI, remodeling of the space for the Compass Shelter has begun!)

·       Got questions about the “Listening Team” process and what we’re trying to accomplish (that I wrote about last week)?  We’re still figuring it out!  Kathy Smith and I can help fill you in a bit.  And pretty soon Jessica Sofie and Glenn Bell will be up to speed too. No secrets! Just ask! 

Be the church!

Pastor Heidi