Dear Friends in Christ –

Once a year the Lectionary designates the Sunday after Pentecost as “Trinity Sunday” (this this coming Sunday). Trinity refers to the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – although the words Trinity or Triune never appear in the Bible.

Have you ever tried to explain the Trinity to someone?  Um, good luck!  Finding the words to explain the mystery of the Divine Three-in-One sometimes feels like trying to carry a huge pile of uncontained sand in your arms.  We tend to rely to our old standby Trinity metaphors, saying the Trinity is like water (it comes in three forms: solid ice, liquid water, gaseous steam - but it’s all water). Or, the Trinity is like an egg (it has three parts: shell, yoke, white - but it’s all egg).  But those explanations always feel a little silly if you ask me.  Worst of all, it makes us think of the Trinity as three objects. It took me a long time to grasp that the Trinity is not a math problem or a science experiment, but a relationship of persons. The Triune God is a community in which we too are invited to participate. Not only is the Trinity “incomparably hospitable to each other” (Daniel Migliore), but to us as well! 

Our text for this Sunday – Matthew 28:16-20 – the final text is that gospel is usually dubbed “The Great Commission.” If you get a chance to read it before Sunday try to forget everything you’ve ever learned about it before, and read it with fresh eyes.  Just pay attention.  Notice what jumps out at you…  What seems weird or odd or confusing about it?  How does the text connect (or not) with our lives today? 

And…any idea why the Lectionary folks appointed this text for Trinity Sunday?

See you Sunday!

Pastor Heidi