Dear Sisters and Brothers –

Hoo boy – we’ve been enjoying some beautiful, sunny days out where we live on Hood Canal – with the added bonus of hostingsome out of town visitors – my nephew and his wife from Washington, DC; and, my niece and her fiancé (an Irishman) direct from 5 years teaching English in So. Korea.  It’s meant lots of catching up, and rich conversation. Man, do I feel blessed!

So, a few quick, bulleted points for the eNews  this week…

·      We have identified the members our FPCS Listening Team that will help us begin the process of discerning our way forward and prayerfully discovering what God has in mind for the future of FPCS. We’ve got: Jessica Sofie, FPCS; Glenn Bell, FPCS; JP Kang, AC/Session; Charlie Scoma, Seattle Police Dept., Chaplain; Dani Forbess, Pastor Northminster Pres., Presbytery Catalyzing Missional Community Committeemember; Kathryn Smith, AC/Session member (and experience with new church development); and, Heidi Husted Armstrong, Transitional Pastor.  We are starting to nail down our meeting dates, and scheduling the folks we will be listing to (a diverse lot!) – so it’s a bit of a logistical challenge.  We appreciate your prayers in the weeks and months ahead!

·      Don’t forget THIS SUNDAY we’ll be cleaning out some of the basement after lunch in anticipation of the Compass shelter beginning to move in. If you are able to stay afterwards we sure would appreciate your help!

·      I feel like the sermon text this week - Matthew 10:24-39 – should come with a warning:  “Caution: do not read in isolation; read only in community.” We will DEFINITELY need each other’s help to find our way through this challenging call to discipleship! Check it out in advance – but remember, no commentaries J

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

Be the church!

Pastor Heidi