Hello Sisters and Brothers  –

I want to remind you that this coming Monday, May 22, at 6:30pm, Compass Housing Alliance will be having a Community Meeting at First Pres. in the Chapel.  We have been reaching out to our neighbors and interested others - inviting them to come and learn more about the “Compass at First Presbyterian” Transitional Shelter that will begin later this summer.

Francesca Martin, Chief Program Officer at Compass, and our major contact person, reports they’ve already been having some great smaller meetings in the community with interested parties, including individuals, the First Hill Improvement Association, and others.

I want to encourage you to come on Monday evening if you can – because as we start to think about what FPCS ministry redevelopment might look like, this will provide us a little glimpse of who is in the neighborhood…and give the neighborhood a little glimpse of who is in the church. 

In fact, can you let me know if you’re planning on being there?  AND would you be willing to help welcome people?  We’ll probably slap a name tag on you – but if you can smile and say hi, you can do this!  Just shoot me a quick email at Heidi@seafirstpres.org and let me know if you are in!


Two more things…

You may have noticed – ha! – but the sun is shining! So be sure and get outside in the next several days and go for a walk and soak up some Vitamin D! 

And, I’ll give you the sermon text for Sunday if you promise NOT to read the commentaries!  DON’T STUDY the “experts.” Just engage the text – read it slowly, several times, over and over again.  Just pay attention: What jumps out at you?  What do you love about this text?  What seems weird or odd or confusing about it?  How does the text connect (or not) with your life or the world today?

OK – remember – no commentaries, right?! 

John 14:15-21.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Heidi