Dear Sisters & Brothers -

Holy week begins this SUNDAY with Palm Sunday… 

We’ll be reading the account from Matthew’s gospel, which tells us that as Jesus entered Jerusalem “the crowd spread their clothes on the road.” (21:8)   Seems kind of strange to us, but probably this was the way common folk were rolling out the red carpet for King Jesus.  Their cloak or coat was likely one of the most expensive things they owned; this part of their wardrobe had a dual function as both clothing and blanket.

Look closely and you’ll see how the artists below included the carpet of clothing in their artwork: 

So here’s an idea for worship THIS SUNDAY:

Let’s participate with the Palm Sunday crowd!  If you are able, please consider bringing an extra coat or sweater from your closet – or maybe a clean sleeping bag or blanket – to present in worship as an offering.  Afterward we will then share these items with those in need in our community. 

Then on THURSDAY we’ll gather in the Chapel at 6:30 pm for a Maundy Thursday worship service…
I want to encourage you to get to Easter not just directly from Palm Sunday, but by way of the cross. It will make your experience of faith and life MORE REAL, and deeper. 

During this service we will celebrate the Lord's Supper, and participate in a brief Service of Darkness with short dramatic Scripture readings. 

(You are invited to participate in a Good FRIDAY Ecumenical Service at 12 noon, at Plymouth Congregational Church, 1217 6th Avenue, Seattle.  More info at )

And then we’ll be ready to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord on Easter Sunday!

Think about inviting family members or a friend…  (Just a note: The meal time after worship on Easter will be simplified to accommodate the schedules of those planning to gather for meals with their families and friends.)

My prayer is that the life, death, and resurrection – the whole journey – of Jesus – will continue to shape us, both as individuals, and as a community of faith. 

See you Sunday!

Pastor Heidi