Dear Sisters and Brothers–

I still have boats on the brain (see my Feb. 24th eNews)...

It’s partly because during Lent I am reading a little book about Celtic prayer.  The down-to-earth, rustic Celtic missionaries brought a living faith from Britain to Ireland in the 5th century,  thanks to St. Patrick (we just celebrated his big day March 18); and, then to Scotland in the 7th century, thanks to Columba.

Through the centuries the Celts were spiritual pilgrims, the horizon their call. With a love for adventure they sailed through rough waters aboard their coracles (little boats) not simply to map uncharted territory, but in search of union with a sea-going Christ. 

Maybe it sounds kind of cheesy, but the way the Celts saw it, Jesus really was their Captain. So off they went – their eyes set on Christ, his presence encircling them.

Calvin Miller, author of The Path of Celtic Prayer, suggests that we, like the Celts, must venture forth, and be willing to pray something like this:   

“God, anywhere, anytime, bless this little boat, this voyage I am on.
Give me travels in which I learn not necessarily where I am
or how I’m getting on in the world,
but the  joy of sojourning that draws me into your presence.
Help me confidently sail with you into tomorrow,
knowing that without you tomorrow has no significance
but with you it holds no threat.”

Calvin Miller says the Celts would call this a “long wandering prayer.”  A prayer for the journey. A lifetime prayer. 

It’s an adventure!

Pastor Heidi