Dear friends in Christ –

A couple months ago a Presbyterian pastor friend shared an excerpt from the Presbyterian Study Catechism - Question 39 - which speaks to how followers of Jesus are called to treat people of other faiths (or for that matter, people of no faith at all). In recent days the response has continued to resonate in my mind and heart:

"I should meet friendship with friendship,
hostility with kindness,
generosity with gratitude,
persecution with forbearance,
truth with agreement,
and error with truth.
I should express my faith by word and by deed.
I should avoid compromising the truth on the one hand
and being narrow-minded on the other.
In short, I should welcome and accept these others in a way that honors and reflects the Lord's welcome and acceptance of me."

As a tsunami of words, news, commentary and opinion washes over us these days, I continue to find this brief paragraph both remarkably comforting and challenging as I attempt to seek first the Kingdom of God and confess Jesus alone as Lord.  It’s not just some bland tolerance, but Christ-like humility and radical love that are being championed here. 

I hope we can encourage and help each other with this response this Sunday! 

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi