Dear Friends in Christ –

Our  4th Sunday of Advent & Christmas Eve worship service is at our regular time this Sunday - 10:30 am - followed by lunch and Christmas-y goodies – so plan on sticking around!  (Bring a Christmas goodie to share if you’d like).

And because loneliness can be a challenge at Christmas –be sure to give some thought to if there are any family members, friends or neighbors you can invite and bring with you.

I’ve been noodling the Christmas text from Luke 2:1-20 – in many ways it’s so familiar, but also so wondrously earth-shattering!  Can’t wait to dive in to it together with you on Sunday! 

The text ends with Mary “pondering” what the shepherds proclaimed about her newborn child.  Imagine this new young mother still trying to wrap her head around the mystery of the incarnation, God made flesh, Embodied Love, held in her arms…

I love how one of the most famous early church fathers, Augustine, grappled with the mystery of the incarnation in a sermon from the 4th century:

“Man’s maker was made man
That He, Ruler of the stars,

might nurse at His mother’s breast
That the Bread might hunger
The Fountain thirst
The Light sleep
The Way be tired on its journey
That the Truth might be accused of false witness
The Teacher be beaten with whips
The Foundation be suspended on wood
That Strength might grow weak
That the Healer might be wounded
That Life might die.”

Indeed, there is much to ponder!

See you Sunday!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi