Hey Everyone!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts last Sunday after worship about the future of the church…  And thank you for keeping First Presbyterian in your prayers as we continue to discern God’s way forward! 

There are a couple things going on this Sunday that I want to alert you to:

It’s Reformation Sunday…which may not mean much to some of you, I know! But, since this is the 500th anniversary it’s kind of a big deal.  Long story short – back in 1517, the medieval church was kinda going off the rails, full of corruption and losing sight of God’s grace in Jesus Christ, when a monk named Martin Luther did his level best to get things back on track.  The 16th century Reformation was pretty much a “back-to-the-Bible” movement, including the work of our great, great, great Presbyterian granddaddy, and second generation Reformer, Jean Calvin, in Geneva, Switzerland.

I’m sure I’ve told you before what Martin Luther said when he was asked how he managed to renew the church in the face of so much opposition, but it bears repeating.  Remember, here was a guy whose life was a Petri dish for discouragement.  At one point, Luther was literally hiding out in the church for a year for fear of losing his life.  But when Luther was asked what he did to make the Reformation happen, how did he manage to pull it off, he answered by saying – and this is not an exact quote, but the essence of what he said was: “While my friends and I drank beer in [the pub in] Wittenberg, the Word did it all!”  I really like that!  The beer part!  And the Word part:  The Word did it all.  And, truthfully, the Word continues to do it all among us still!


This Sunday there will be another large group using the Sanctuary around noon.  We will still be meeting for worship in the Chapel for worship at 10:30 am, and for a simple meal afterwards – but there might be a little more commotion than normal, so just a little heads up.


This Sunday the sermon text is Matthew 22:34-46.  If someone asked you – What’s most central to Jesus’ teaching that I need to know? or, What’s most important to the life of following Jesus that I need to do? – what would you say? I think our text might point us in the right direction…

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi