Dear Sisters and Brothers –

You know how something comes across your radar, and you just SIT UP and take notice?  It happened to me yesterday afternoon, when I heard a little “ding” alerting me as another email marched into my already crowded inbox, this one from Steve Aeschbacher, the Co-Moderator of the Administrative Commission/Session for First Presbyterian Church Seattle, sent to the Session members.  But what I read was so timely, so encouraging, I asked Steve if I could share it with you, and he said sure.  Here’s what Steve wrote:

Dear friends,
I am so grateful for each of you and for getting to be on this journey together as we shepherd this congregation and seek to build Christ's Church in Seattle.
Today I went for a walk in the cold and prayed. Part of the time I was listening to a guided meditation on the shoot of Jesse (a wonderful part of an advent retreat by “Pray as you Go”). We were encouraged to look at a plant or tree that showed the seeming stillness of winter, and to think about how preparations for spring are happening even now. How God is at work even in the seeming quietness.
I was really struck by thoughts of Seattle First--its present and its future. I was looking at this scene of mostly leafless trees standing in the cold sun, waiting for spring. "The congregation is waiting!" was my strong sense. The congregation we are called to serve is there, and is waiting for God's time to bloom again. How do we cooperate with God while we join in the waiting?
Blessings to you as we approach Epiphany!

So I bet you’ve noticed – it IS freezing outside, and nothing is growing right now.  But it doesn’t mean nothing is happening. 

What IS happening?  I don’t exactly know.  But God knows. And I don’t know what it will look like.  But there is hope.  God is at work.  And as Steve says, what we CAN do is try to “cooperate with God while we join in the waiting.”

PRAYERFULLY PONDER THIS: What does it look like for you, for us, to cooperate with God while we join in the winter-time waiting? 

Be the church!

Pastor Heidi