Dear Friends-

By the time you read this, I will have crossed the border.

Um, maybe I should rephrase that.

I’m in Northern California, exercising my spiritual gift of vacation, at a little cabin I helped build with friends some 20 years ago.  It’s located in the Sierras, just below the southern boundary of Lassen National Park, situated above a creek, and blessedly “off the grid” – which means no electricity, no cell phones, no TV (though we do have a generator to run the well pump for showers). We also have propane gas lights for the evenings, but when they’re off, the night sky is so dark you cannot see your hand in front of your face; the stars are beyond brilliant and the Milky Way is stunning.

Rick will be fly fishing that stream, I’ll be reading, and we’ll do a little hiking.  We’ll make a couple trips into town to hit up the Pine Shack Frosty for ice cream.  And we’re hoping the upstart Waganupa Brewing we discovered last year is still open for business.

I hope you can make it to worship this Sunday – J.P. Kang, Associate Pastor at Japanese Presbyterian Church in Seattle, and a member of the Administrative Commission/Session, will be leading worship, and ably guiding the reading ofthe text together.  

I’ll see you next week!

Be the church!

Pastor Heidi