Dear Friends –

A friend recently recommended her favorite book by John Steinbeck – and to my surprise it wasn’t the usual suspects – The Grapes of Wrath or East of Eden, both of which I’ve read. For her it was Travels With Charley, the story of Steinbeck’s remarkable journey across America with his poodle named Charley in his camper truck dubbed Rocinante back in 1960.  My husband Rick and I found an old copy on our bookshelf and have enjoyed reading it out loud during these late summer evenings.   

Because who doesn’t love a journey?  Not that it isn’t often without its hazards!  I still get a faint twinge in my stomach when I pass one of those highway signs in the middle of nowhere that says “NEXT SERVICES 47 MILES.” I glance long and hard at the fuel gauge, and do the math.  I double check the oil temperature gauge.  Should I make one last quick bathroom stop? I wonder if there will be cell phone coverage in case something goes wrong?   

Maybe I sound like a worry wart…but when you are traveling any distance, a little forethought is not a bad thing.

And so it is on the journey of faith. These days, on Sunday mornings we are finding ourselves getting deeper into Luke’s Travel Narrative – with Jesus on the way to Jerusalem, on the way to the cross.  If we are really going to follow him, if we are really going to stay with him on this discipleship journey, Jesus wants us to give some thought to what it really means.  He’s all for initial enthusiasm!  But enthusiasm only gets you so far, especially when things get more difficult.  

So, how do follow Jesus on the journey of faith for the long haul?  Let’s give THAT some thought this Sunday - 10:30am, in the chapel!  Until then…

Be the church!
Pastor Heidi