Hey friends!

After a refreshing almost 10 days away - mostly off the grid at a cabin in the Sierras - I am baaaaaack!

One quick highlight: an afternoon hike to Blue Lake, a small lake at 6,000 feet, in the shadow of Lassen Park. Our new friends we met down the road from us, 86 year-old Evert, a retired entomologist (insect scientist) and his daughter, Adele, were our personal guides, happily chattering all the way as I mostly gasped for breath!  (I kept thinking of the Travel Narrative in Luke, and the disciples having so.much.to.learn from the Master along the way).  At trail’s end, both Rick and Adele took the plunge into the frigid lake waters.  Yeow!  (I did much better a few days later slipping into the 102 degree mineral hot springs pool at Drakesbad at the southeast corner of Lassen.  I stayed in until my fingers looked like prunes.) 

So, I’m back in the saddle, and, hoping to ease into work – and wham – I run right into our lectionary Gospel text for Sunday, Luke 16:1-13, a parable.  There are a couple things to keep in mind about this text.  First, let’s start with what Tom Long says about parables:

“…alert listening to – and preaching on – a Jesus parable is like plugging in an electric hair dryer while standing in a puddle of draining bathwater. You may find the experience more thrilling than you had hoped.”

So there’s that.

And then, second, THIS particular parable has a reputation of being the most notoriously difficult of all to interpret.  Most scholars are like, What in the Sam Hill is going on here?!

Sounds like this is going to be one Sunday you won’t want to miss!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Pastor Heidi

Blue Lake

Blue Lake