Dear Friends:

A week ago as I slept soundly, my husband got up in the middle of the night to observe the Perseid meteor shower as it peaked.  It’s really dark out where we live. He saw some 50 shooting stars in an hour or so.  I woke rested the next morning, but with a little regret that I had missed it.

The moon cooperated a little better with my sleep schedule last night – did you see it? In our neighborhood it rose in a cloudless, inky black, sky, over a large body of water called Hood Canal and it was spectacular – a huge, bright yellow orb, its reflection dancing over the gentle waves like a huge flashlight beam. 

In the Cottonpatch theater (play) version of the Gospels, at one point Jesus says, “Look at the lilies of the field!” and then he points very deliberately in one direction.  He says it again and points again.  And again.  Finally Jesus says, “Aren’t you going to look?!”

Jesus wants us to look, to see creation around us.  Because there is something about nature that speaks of God’s greatness and love, that even preaches something of the good news. 

There’s a full moon tonight.  I hope you can get out and take a look…and give thanks to the Creator and Giver of all good gifts.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Heidi

Worship: Sunday, 10:30am, in the Chapel at First Presbyterian Church Seattle