Dear Friends –

For some reason this year I have been a bit more tuned in to the fact that Easter is a SEASON on the church calendar. “Eastertide” is 50 days. Even longer than Lent!

Of course, the truth is Easter is EVERY SUNDAY (the day Christ rose from the dead), and really, even more, Easter is EVERYDAY. Christ lives! But I like the fact that Eastertide can help keep us a little more aware of the risen Christ.

One of my favorite NT scholars is a young guy named J. R. Daniel Kirk, and here’s what he wrote recently about Eastertide:

“This is an extended time to cultivate the most peculiar belief that marks us as Christians: the idea that God raised back to life a homeless dead Jew, and that in this restoration of life a whole new order of life was unleashed on the world’s behalf.

So now we juggle: we live in Easter hope and power, while remembering and continuing to find ourselves in the deaths from which God promises to deliver us.

This is what it means to do Easter right: to take hold of the glory and power and hope of the resurrection with one hand, and the reality and weakness and suffering of the cross with the other. The risen Jesus still has the holes in his hands and side.”


Looking forward to seeing you again this Sunday as we continue to “do Easter right!”

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi