I have always been a little surprised that the church calendar doesn’t give more time to the events of Holy Week – like maybe stretch the events of that week out over several Sundays.  Yes, I know, this week is full of all the really hard stuff, and of course we want to get to the good part.  But if we skip over the tough stuff, we miss so much of the BIG STORY, and the real greatness of the good news. 

Yesterday in worship we handed out this list of Holy Week Scripture Readings – to help us walk through the events of this week.  I just wanted to make sure that any of you who were not there received a copy.  Feel free to share it with others.

I encourage us to walk with Jesus and enter the depths this week… so that we may discover, as the Dutch woman survivor of the German concentration camps, Corrie ten Boom, put it: “There is no darkness so deep…that Christ is not deeper still.”

Grace and peace,

Pastor Heidi