Dear Sisters and Brothers –

Last Sunday was just one of those Sundays when I felt like I got a little glimpse of the kingdom of God on earth.  Was it the Biblical text (the crucifixion of Jesus between two criminals) tenderly drawing us together, or the bit more diverse-than-usual gathering and sharing of voices as we engaged the Scripture together?  Was it the Christ the King Sunday theme assuring us in these divisive and contentious times that Jesus alone reigns as Lord of all? Was it the lunch hospitality afterwards with lively conversation around the tables? 

It was probably all those things – and more – for which I am so grateful in this season of Thanksgiving. This time of year, I recall words spoken by the 13th century German theologian, Meister Eckhart: “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘Thank you,’ that would suffice.”  Let’s keep praying that prayer!

This coming Sunday is the first Sunday of the Church new year. Yes, Advent begins:  we prepare for the spiritual advent-ure of welcoming Christ into our world and into our lives, and of always being prepared for Christ’s coming again. Be careful of this season getting hijacked by crazy busy-ness.  Two reminders: 

(1) Be deliberate about shopping and spending money.  Rein (reign?) it in. Keep it simple.  Keep others in need on your radar.  Look around you.  Serve them in Jesus’ name.  You can do it.  

(2) Slow down. Stay spiritually centered.   Read through a Gospel.  Or consider using a daily Advent devotional guide like the one attached from Columbia Presbyterian Seminary to keep you on track.

I look forward to being with you Sunday.

Be the church!

Pastor Heidi