Dear friends –

It happened again just recently…

I was going through one of those new-fangled car washes again.  Not the kind I’m used to where you drive onto a track, put the car in neutral, and some chain mechanism pulls your wheel along.  Oh no.  In this car wash you drive to the middle and put your car in park.  PARK!  But then, I swear, your car still starts moving!  I actually start braking…nearly putting my foot through the floorboard!  Good Lord, what is happening?! My car is moving… and I can’t stop it!

Except I look out the little window in the car wash tunnel and see the gas station over across the way and see that it is not moving.  And I start to get some perspective.  Maybe I am not moving after all.  Oh my gosh, could it be that the car wash machinery is moving around me? 

This has happened to me the last 3 or 4 times in the last several months.  Maybe I am a slow learner.  And possibly a teensy-weensy bit averse to change. And, ok, I admit it, slightly given to catastrophizing. 

It’s a silly example, but it makes a big point.  The point is we are facing this kind of change constantly every day.  Discombobulating, disorienting change.  “Things are not the same” kind of change.  “The world is very different” kind of change.  The “holy cow, I need to get some perspective” kind of change. 

I think that’s one reason why gathering on Sunday mornings is so critical for God’s people.  We come together to breathe in worship, to remember who God is, to be assured that God IS, to love the Lord with all our heart soul, mind, and strength.  To get oriented.  To get perspective. And then we are sent, to breathe out new life in Christ into the world, knowing that we are not alone, that we have each other, and we are called and empowered by the Holy Spirit to love our neighbors and work for the common good in all the complexity and messiness and beauty of what that means.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Be the church,

Pastor Heidi